T24CK: Ultra Low Profile DIY 24″ T-Burner Complete BASIC Fire Table/ Fire Feature Kit 316 Stainless (not Lessor… photo

T24CK: Ultra Low Profile DIY 24″ T-Burner Complete BASIC Fire Table/ Fire Feature Kit 316 Stainless (not Lessor…

From EasyFirePits.com


  • Sexiest Mounting Kit Around! No Ugly or Messy Clamps Needed.
  • Dual Row of Flame Output Holes 45º to the Left and Right of Top Center
  • 316 MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL; NOT LESSOR 304 "Tool Grade" Stainless
  • Low Profile Design; Only 1.25" From Top to Bottom! Less Rock or Glass Needed!
  • Complete LP Propane Kit; Everything Except Regulator WILL Work With NATURAL GAS


24″ T-BURNER COMPLETE PROPANE TABLE KIT – COMPLETE KIT FROM 12′ hose to LOW PROFILE burner ready to be hooked to your propane tank. This is an ideal DIY (do it yourself) kit to mount on/in table for evenings of entertainment and fun; and the heat it creates! Guaranteed to add another season to your outdoor calendar! And, as it’s a low profile T-Burner so it doesn’t have to mount deep like others! See our other products below or online. THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX… ER PAN! Trough Pan vs No Trough Pan. Are they necessary/ mandatory? NO. Try using Hardieboard or Duroc (<$12/sheet) under thicker granite tops in place of troughs (>$150). Or epoxy, glue or screw one or two 2×4′s to the bottom of what you are working on, then screw a piece of duroc or hardieboard to that underneath and inside. now you have a “homemade trough) and you have a min of 1.5″ per 2×4 plus the top base depth! Cut your burner 1″ mounting hole centered or where it needs to be, mount it, and cover with glass or lava rocks. You’ll never see the board and it wont matter. You usually want 2-2.5″ of depth. anything more than that just uses more glass or rock. Custom Stainless or Steel Insert? Restaurant supply; large stainless mixing bowls or pans work well to 18″ fire rings and have lips around them so easily “drop-in” tables; deep dish pizza pans work great, and once covered by rocks/ glass, they function the same. cost <$20. If the bowl is deep, put a cutout of Hardieboard inside it to alleviate the amount of extra glass or rock you'd need. just don't forget a small drain hole in both. Do you Have to Cut an Insert into a Table for a Trough or insert? NO, see our Diagrams Online on our gallery page

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