Oriflamme Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table (38″ Diameter) photo

Oriflamme Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table (38″ Diameter)

From Oriflamme


  • All Fire Glass Included: Mixture of Bronze Reflective, Copper and Platinum
  • 19″ in Height- Standard Coffee Table Height- (Maximizes functionality and warmth from the table)
  • Up to 65,000 BTUs, and up to 90,000 BTUs for those with natural gas.
  • Stainless steel Elegance burner for optimal warmth
  • Built-in bottle opener


The Savanna Stone Oriflamme Fire Table is the newest fire table from Oriflamme and is a wonderful addition to an already impressive line of fire tables. Finished with deep, rich brown tones, this hand-troweled look will be the focus of your patio. Made from a Quartz-Concrete mixture, this table top is durable and beautiful. This table is easy to assemble, fun to use, and will guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly evening. It comes with a new 20 lb propane tank for burn times of 18-24 hrs! This fire pit table is not only beautiful, but more functional than any other gas fire pit on the market. You can now enjoy the only fire table on the market with a concealed 20 lb. propane tank that sits at standard coffee table height!

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