Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace photo

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

From Landmann


  • Outdoor fireplace with spherical spark screen
  • Unobstructed 360-degree view of the fire
  • Large pivoting door with large handle for easy refueling
  • Sturdy steel construction with 30-inch-diameter firebowl
  • Measures 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches


See the Ball o’ Fire in action:

The Landmann Ball of Fire outdoor fireplace is a uniquely shaped, fully covered fire pit designed for those who seek a larger burn area without violating their local fire codes. The pit is fully enclosed, yet its enlarged mesh exterior enables a greater amount of material to be stacked and burned. Its dimensions are 30.25” x 32.75” x 34.75”.

Setup is somewhat challenging. Be sure to assemble the fireplace where it will be used. The fire pit is heavy and cumbersome to move after it’s assembled. The instructions are detailed enough to help get the unit assembled. The manufacturer recommends adding sand to the bottom of the tray to provide a base for material during the burning process. Cleaning is very easy. The ash tray is lightweight and easy to carry, although separating the ash and debris from the sand can be a little challenging.

Access to the interior is provided by a steel door that raises and provides a large area to insert logs. Due to the increased size of the fire pit, this fireplace throws off a lot of heat. You’ll want to place something underneath if its going to be placed in a yard. The excess heat will probably kill whatever grass is under the unit. Also, because of the extra heat, it’s best to always keep the lid closed. Leaving it open will bake the handle and cause it to peel due to the excess heat.

For those looking for a larger fire pit, the Landmann Ball of Fire is unique and very cool. It gives off a good quantity of heat and holds a lot of material. Assembly is a little tricky, but with a little patience and careful attention, you’ll end your day relaxing beside your new fire pit with a beer in one hand and the stars above you.

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