Landmann 36-Inch Log Grabber photo

Landmann 36-Inch Log Grabber

From Landmann


  • Lever action handle with rubber grip
  • Black powdercoat finish suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Rubber grip handle stays cool to the touch for comfort; grabber picks up logs up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Grabber measures 36 inches long; weighs 4 pounds upon shipping


Reassemble smoldering logs in a teepee or A-frame formation for enhanced burn longevity and heat productivity with this handy log grabber from Hearthmates. With durable steel construction and a powder coat finish, the log grabber resists heat from burning firewood. The rubber grip handle stays cool to the touch and features three-grip tongs for extra safety and adaptability. A spring-loaded lever action allows users to manipulate firewood with relative ease. The grabber picks up logs and branches up to 8 inches in diameter. The log grabber measures 35 inches long, and weighs 4 pounds upon shipping. –Jessica Reuling

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