Landmann 28336 Big Sky Fire Pit Western photo

Landmann 28336 Big Sky Fire Pit Western

From Landmann


  • 23-1/2-inch diameter, decorative outdoor fire pit
  • Western cutouts create an incredible fire ambience at night
  • Spark guard cover and poker; full-size cooking grate
  • Sand-paint finish with full-diameter handle
  • Easy to assemble


The Landmann Big Sky western fire pit is easily one of the best fire pits out there for the price, with a versatility that many higher cost fire pits have a hard time matching.

It has an almost two foot diameter and a depth of 17 inches. It comes in an attractive western theme cut into the sides and comes with a terracotta colored sand paint protective finish. The side cutouts and top of the pit have a tight grating designed to protect the surrounding area from sparks and embers, and a full size cooking grate is also included.

Many people who’ve tried the Landmann Big Sky fire pit are impressed with the deep pit’s ability to hold enough logs to build a more traditional fire instead of the general one log fire pit designs that are usually sold. The spark shield has a tight mesh that does a good job of protecting the area around it from errant fire, though it is still generally a good idea to put a non-flammable mat or similar item underneath the pit if you plan on putting it on grass or a wooden deck.

This fire pit does not have drainage holes on the bottom or an included cover, so reviewers have some issue with using the pit in the winter or after rain without buying the cover separately first. Most reviewers seem to accept this as a minor inconvenience when compared to the deep pit and durable design overall.

Generally, I’d recommend the Big Sky western fire pit to anyone looking for an attractive low cost fire pit that will stand up well over time and provide a great degree of versatility for larger fires and cooking.

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