The Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit & Grill Combo

The Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit and Grill Combo image

JAG Grill has created possibly the ideal backyard entertainment centerpiece.  This well designed, octagonal shaped piece of furniture has 3 separate uses:  a dining table, a fire pit, and an outdoor grill.  It’s pretty simple to switch between these modes (assuming the centerpiece isn’t hot), thus making it incredibly versatile and convenient.


In Table Mode
In Table Mode
In Fire Pit Mode
Fire Pit Mode
Grill ModeGrill Mode


What better than to enjoy a wonderful, home-grilled meal topped off with roasted marshmallows and campfire songs, without ever having to relocate.  Beautifully designed using the highest quality materials, the JAG grill will make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.




In addition to coming up with a novel, amazing concept, JAG has thought through the little details on this one.  The wooden pieces are easily removed for protection during the winter months.  There is an access door on the side to quickly get in and sweep out the ashes from last night’s food-fest.  The stainless steel racks are also quick to remove for cleaning.


Removable Cooking Racks
jag-grill-firepit-table_7Access Door For Ashes


There is also a 6-person version if the octagon is more than you need. If this incredibly versatile piece of outdoor furniture interests you, here is some pricing and availability information.