5 Amazing Backyard Spaces

Whether you’re looking to buy an off-the-shelf fire pit or you’re looking to do some custom backyard remodeling, here are 5 amazing outdoor spaces that make great use of fireplaces and fire pits.


1. Warner/Erickson Residence by Roth Sheppard Architects

Remodeled in the late ’90s, this stunning outdoor space makes fantastic use of a built-in fire pit.  Serving as a communal area, this combination of wood, stone and metal blends in beautifully with the surrounding architecture.  More at Roth Sheppard Architects.

2. Indianola by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Using a concrete monolithic chimney as a focal point for this outdoor space,  Suyama Peterson Deguchi has created an intimate-yet-modern setting for communal dining.  Another sublime example of mixed-materials design.

3. Modern Square Conversation Pit

This gas powered fire pit delivers an incredibly comfortable, yet still convenient, way to have social gatherings outdoors.  Modern all the way with this one.

4. Multi-Use Patio Space

Possibly the most versatile of the 5 spaces, this patio and fire pit has endless uses.  By removing any restrictions of built-in seating, this backyard can be exactly what the owners want, whenever they want it.

5. Traditional Rustic

Moving away from modern design for our last entry, this more traditional deck area does a terrific job of creating warmth and comfort with natural materials.  Wood and iron creatively combined create a cozy, communal fire pit area.