Green/Black Handcrafted Flame Pot photo

Green/Black Handcrafted Flame Pot

From Marshall Gardens



    An elegant and eye-catching accessory for your indoor/outdoor entertaining. Striking green on top and black on the bottom are separated by a mottled band of the two hues. Create enchantment on your deck, patio or in your garden, pool side or inside – any season of the year. Firepots reduce stress in your life and add beauty to your living spaces. Whether indoors or in the backyard, nature’s dancing flame is an escape from the mundane. Combining beautiful decorative vessels with a stainless steel reservoir and snuffer cap, these make excellent gifts as well. These are handsomely glazed with individual artisan influences in each, adding to the uniqueness of the ceramic, and making each pot a one-of-a-kind piece. Firepot stands are not included.

    Originally designed to use liquid gelled alcohol or gelled ethanol, since that fuel’s recall several alternatives have been developed by manufacturers to emulate the ambience and convenience of the former fuel, while adhering to firm safety standards. Googling ‘alternative fuels for your firepot’ should give you descriptions and availability information, especially of the ‘Single Use Gel Cans’. Until you take delivery of your fuel choice, or if you prefer a gentler flame, you can always seat a candle in the stainless steel cup, using the widest diameter candle that will fit (you can pad the cup with sand if the candle sits too low).

    As always, with ANY type of fuel, read and heed product label warnings and directions for SAFE and efficient use of the product.

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