FLOWING DUSK Fireside Firepot by Evergreen photo

FLOWING DUSK Fireside Firepot by Evergreen

From Evergreen



    FLOWING DUSK Fireside Firepot by Evergreen Dimensions are about 9.25″ X 9.25″ x 7.5″ tall. Each EVERGREEN FIRE POT is an individually handmade unique work of art. FIRESIDE FIREPOTS make marvelous home decor accents for decks, patios, lawns, walkways and much more. Enjoy the ambiance of dancing flames. Citronella Fuel is only for outdoor use. For indoor or outdoor use. Comes packaged securely in a cardboard box. All sizes and brands of firepots can use PATIOLITE 32 oz BOTTLES of FIREPOT BIO-FUEL or Evergreen’s ORGANICA BIOFIRE FIRE POT SAFETY FUEL Each unique FIREPOT is hand finished and will differ slightly from the image above. FIREPOTS may contain minor imperfections which serve to add to their individual character. READ ALL FIREPOT AND FIREPOT FUEL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. Place your Firepot, FireLite or Flame Pot in a safe and secure non-flammable area. Citronella Fuel is Outdoor Use Only. Clean any spills with water before lighting. Use only a long match or extended lighter to start flame. Do not attempt to move or touch unit while burning. Do not obstruct or inhibit flame. Use Metal Flame Snuffer to extinguish flame, do not use ceramic lid (if any). NEVER use any liquid (including water) to attempt to extinguish a FIREPOT flame – it will not work and may spread the fire. Store fuel gel in cool dry place. Do not smoke near burning Firepot, FireLite or Flame Pot. Allow to cool before moving Firepot, FireLite or Flame Pot. CLEANING AND RELIGHTING Clean the exterior of your Firepot, FireLite or Flame Pot with a wet sponge or damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals. Please be sure to wash hands after every cleaning. WARNINGS!!! Read entire label and all instructions before using BirdBrain or Pacific Decor Single Use Fuel Gel Cans in your FIRE POT

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