Fire Pit Glass, Yellow Translucent (20 Pound) photo

Fire Pit Glass, Yellow Translucent (20 Pound)

From Blue Ridge Brand


  • Perfect for fire pits and garden landscapes.
  • Approx. .25" to 1.5" in size.
  • Tumbled to remove sharp edges.
  • Glass will not melt or discolor.


Why Fire Pit Glass? Healthy It’s a beneficial alternative to fire wood and artificial gas logs. Fire wood produces smoke and noxious fumes causing lung problems. While artificial gas logs contain asbestos, which is not conducive to ones health. Fire pit glass doesn’t emit smoke, produce soot or ashes making it a healthy alternative for your family and friends. Cost Effective Fire Pit Glass is also economically friendly. Fire Pit Glass does not lose its form and shape or gets distorted like fire wood. As well as Fire Pit Glass does not turn black and is produced to withstand high and extreme temperatures. Making Fire Pit Glass a cost friendly item that will last for a while. Ambiance Nothing beats the beauty of Fire Pit Glass when it’s burned as compared to fire wood and artificial wood logs. Fire Pit Glass shines like diamonds while being burned. Not only will Fire Pit Glass keep you warm on a cool summer night outside in the back yard or in on Christmas Eve as the little ones sleep by the Fire Place waiting on Santa to come it is a brilliant commodity. The variety of colors makes Fire Pit Glass add color to any room or outside living area with ease. Fire Pit Glass the perfect accent for any fire pit indoors or outdoors. Choose yours today and make memories by the Fire Pit for a lifetime.

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