Dreffco 1/2″ x 18″ Non-Whistle Flexible Flex Gas Line for NG or LP photo

Dreffco 1/2″ x 18″ Non-Whistle Flexible Flex Gas Line for NG or LP

From Dreffco


  • 1/2" Female Flared Fitting Each End. We've Included a Female NPT Fitting for Your Convenience
  • For Use Indoors or Out
  • 18" 1/2" Non-Whisle Flex line is 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID x 16-3/4" Long w/o Fittings
  • There Is a Staggered Pitch Every 2" to Eliminate Whistling
  • Typicall Use Is for NG or LP Fire Features Greater Than 100K BTU with a 1/2" Connection Hub


Our Non-Whistle gas flex lines will remove that annoying whistle sound you sometimes get from your gas appliance, gas logs, fire pit or fireplace. Sometimes the whistle is so loud you don’t even want to turn you gas on. The whistle can be caused by many different things but bottom line is that our non-whistle flex line is designed to remove it. Now, every once in awhile there could be too much pressure and nothing will eliminate the whistle. It’s not a faulty line, its excessive pressure. In that case it’s good to know you have a different problem. Turn off the gas at the source and call a licensed professional. Our flex lines will make any installation easier whether or not you have a whistle. So why take a chance, start off with our non-whistle flex so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded whistle.

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