DeckProtect 16″x16″, Fire Pit insulation Black photo

DeckProtect 16″x16″, Fire Pit insulation Black

From DeckProtect


  • Made in USA
  • Fire resistant
  • Only approved product for composite decks
  • Fire Pit and Chiminea deck insulator


DeckProtect’s specially-designed thermal barrier will block the intense radiant heat under a fire pit or chiminea and keep it from harming wood and composite decking. A sturdy tray made of heavy gauge aluminum 1/16″ thick has hundreds of holes that will allow rain water to drain. Heavy duty rubber feet keep the tray elevated above the deck. Our exclusive thermal barrier is seated securely within the walls of the tray. DeckProtectTM is available in five different sizes to accommodate a variety of fire pits, from narrow chimineas to very large fire pits. In some cases, a DeckProtectTM that fits between the legs of your fire pit will provide adequate protection when it substantially covers the area under the bowl of the fire pit.

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