DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl Model 30087 photo

DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl Model 30087

From DeckMate


  • Steel construction with high temperature paint finish and a 360 degree view of the fire
  • Fine wire mesh, lift off spark screen Log grate and fire tools included
  • Mesh screen guard inside the bowl prevents embers from falling out
  • Star and moon cut-outs illuminate the base
  • Used for burning wood and artificial logs


We used this on our front yard for Halloween – it provided a great atmosphere for the neighbour hood. Somewhere to warm up and it made the night even more sociable, with everyone standing around the glowing fire. Somehow fire draws people in, its pretty mesmerising, especially with this pit that has star and moon cut outs on the side which illuminate when the fire is lit and look very pretty.

This fire pit was a snap to assemble, it only took about ten minutes. It’s great because it is easy to move around, so as I mentioned we took it out front of the house for Halloween, but it normally stays out the back on our deck. I would be worried about putting a lot of the different fire pits on our deck, but the sparks and coal’s can’t escape from this so it’s safe.

This fire pit is large, there’s lots of room to fill with wood and the more wood means more heat. We thought about getting a round fire pit to start with, but thought you’d fit more wood into a square one. This pit is deep and you can fit several big logs in it and still fit the lid on. So as well as looking good it keeps you nice and toasty! It’s an ideal size for 5 or 6 people to sit around it. We’ve used it for quite a few gathering, using the fire as a bbq, which really is a much more social event than using a regular gas grill. There’s something more exciting about everyone sitting around an open fire, roasting their own corn, making s’mores and holding marshmallows on a stick.

The fire pit has held up well, it’s survived some pretty bad weather but its a tough thing. No complaints at all, overall it’s a very decent product and is well worth the money.

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