CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit photo

CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit

From CobraCo


  • Basket-weaved steel base with a bronze finish
  • High quality heavy-duty cast iron bowl
  • Heavy duty spark guard cover included to prevent sparks from flying
  • Protective vinyl cover included to prevent rain or leaves from entering when not in use
  • Fire pit measures 29″ in diameter and 25″ high with spark guard


Enhance your backyard with beauty and warmth with the aged charm of the CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit. The bronzed finish and striking basket-weave pattern give this fire bowl a vintage beauty. This fire bowl features a sturdy, high-quality cast iron bowl. This fire bowl comes with a heavy duty spark guard cover to prevent sparks and ash from blowing, a protective vinyl cover for protection from the elements when not in use and a spark guard removal tool that allows you to safely remove the spark guard during a fire. This antiqued appearance of this woven fire bowl will add a charming beauty to any backyard decor.

The CobraCo Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Pit comes with a wire screen cover complete with handle and finished with high temperature paint. This way you can enjoy a hearty fire without worrying about flying sparks or embers. The fire bowl is also easy to clean–just lift the bowl and tilt the ashes into a trash container.

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