CobraCo Moose Campfire Ring photo

CobraCo Moose Campfire Ring

From CobraCo


  • Attractive black finish
  • Consists of 4 pieces
  • Moose and pine tree decoration


This Campfire ring is more than just a decorative item, as well as looking good it acts as a way of safely containing your fire and making sure that it doesn’t spread. The Campfire ring is perfect for using on camping trips, evenings in the park or on the beach and also in your own backyard.

It has silhouettes of moose and pine trees cut into the entire circumference, so there is a 360 degree view of the intricate artistic designs. The ring looks very pretty, even more so when the fire is burning inside of it with the flames flickering. This classic black matte finish of the metal band gives off a rustic appearance.

The CobraCo Moose fire pit is 36 inches wide and 9 inches tall, which means that you can build a very reasonable sized fire, with the peace of mind that it won’t get out of control. The fire ring is made from four pieces of strong steel metal, that slot together very easily and there are also instructions included. For supreme convenience the fire ring comes complete with all the hardware you need to put it together quickly. Due to the four piece design the fire ring can be broken down for storage and is very small to transport.

What’s in the Box

  • 4 metal panels
  • 12 bolts
  • 12 nuts
  • Instruction manual
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