CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen & Cover photo

CobraCo Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen & Cover

From CobraCo


  • Extra deep tub for larger and longer lasting fire
  • Sturdy metal construction, contemporary stand design
  • Contemporary sturdy metal stand
  • Un-coated to provide a rustic texture and charm
  • Includes heavy duty screen cover and protective vinyl cover with elastic stretch band to hold cover securely on fire tub and prevent rain or leaves from entering

Our Review

This is one of our all time favorite fire bowls.  The simple design, coupled with top quality materials, make it a great choice if you need a moveable fire pit for your home or cabin.


I found this fire tub to be an excellent way to heat the outdoors, and its design makes it both functional and very easy to clean. All of the ashes stay in the bowl, the copper plating makes sure that all of the heat radiates outwards, and the screen on the top allows smoke and heat to escape but keeps my children from throwing things into the fire.

The CobraCo SH101 hand-hammered fire tub features an all-copper design in the fire tub itself, and steel in the legs which hold it up and in the screen which can be used to cover it. The design of the fire tub is intended to burn all of the logs placed within it, enabling efficient airflow and the maximum amount of heat radiation. The hand-hammered copper is both decorative and sturdy, enabling the fire tub to take the occasional bump or ding without denting. It is also largely corrosion resistant, even when heated by fire, although it should not be left out in the rain or snow for extended periods.

It is placed a full three inches off the ground to allow for safe burning on both wooden patios and mown grass. Be aware that it does radiate heat and can kill tall grass left underneath it, or even ignite it in some cases. The screen which can be placed on top of the fire does not smother the fire, but will assist in making it smolder as embers by reducing some of the air flow. The primary intention of the screen is to prevent objects from being thrown into the fire accidentally, and to keep people from falling in. The weight and low bearing of the fire tub keeps it from flipping over, although it can still be upset if dropped or stepped on. Removal of the ashes is simple, as the tub needs only to be lifted and dumped out. It can be removed from its legs in order to facilitate this.

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