CobraCo Evening Sky Campfire Ring FRSTAR369 photo

CobraCo Evening Sky Campfire Ring FRSTAR369

From CobraCo


  • Fire ring measures 36″ wide by 9″ high
  • Sturdy metal construction, black finish
  • Silhouettes of moon and stars
  • 4-piece construction
  • Instructions included, easy assembly


From the backyard to campsites or on the beach, this CobraCo campfire ring offers exceptional style in a completely portable design. Place the moveable campfire ring anywhere you like—on the ground or over an established fire pit. Measuring 36 inches wide by 9 inches high, the campfire ring securely contains fires, both small and large—perfect for adding to the ambiance of any outdoor gathering. So what are you waiting for? Bring on the flames that make masterpieces out of marshmallows.

Constructed of durable steel metal with a classic matte-black finish, the campfire ring offers rustic charm while effortlessly complementing existing outdoor furniture and surrounding décor. Cut-outs of crescent moons and a smattering of stars all along the circumference create added visual appeal, especially in the dark when light from a flickering fire burning inside brightly shines

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