Blue Rhino WAF1013C UF 45inHgh Otdr Firehouse Blk photo

Blue Rhino WAF1013C UF 45inHgh Otdr Firehouse Blk

From Blue Rhino


  • Setting: Outdoor
  • Features a 25 inch. x 20.5 inch enclosed housing to protect from flying sparks
  • 360-degree view of fire
  • Easy access door with latch for easy tending
  • Sturdy high temperature enamel painted steel construction


Uniflame WAF1013C Black Firehouse with Chimney… This well constructed and highly functional firehouse brings the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to any patio, deck, or poolside. The safety and versatility of this fully grate enclosed allows fires to burn away with peace of mind in virtually any application. Constructed from cast iron featuring a large chimney that controls exhaust. Firehouse also features a side-out cooking grill and simple assembly that make this a must have for any home. 25″W x 45.3″H x 20.5″D

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