40 Can Case of Fire Pot Fuel Gel Single Use Cans by Pacific Decor – 4.75 oz photo

40 Can Case of Fire Pot Fuel Gel Single Use Cans by Pacific Decor – 4.75 oz

From Pacific Decor



    NEW Pacific Decor Fire Pot Fuel Gel – 40 Can Case of Single Use Cans – 4.75 oz drop right into your existing fire pot fuel gel cup of 2.5″ diameter. Each one lasts about 2+ hours. Also available in a 12 Pack or 40 Can Case. Also available in Citronella for insect repellant. Some BirdBrain firepots did not come with a fuel cup. If you need a FUEL CUP we sell them for $10. Each Can of Pacific Decor Pacific Flame lets you enjoy over 2 hours of: Mesmerizing, Robust, High Dancing Yellow Flames Odorless, Smokeless, Clean Burning Environmentally Friendly, Disposable No Refill Can Convenience of No Pouring, No Mess, No Clean Up Simple to Enjoy Remove the can top, place FuelCan in flamepots stainless steel cup/burner, light with a long match or lighter and enjoy a great show for over 2 hours. Let cool, remove and dispose of the empty no refill, single use can. Open a new FuelCan and repeat and enjoy The Elegant Solution, time after time. Lovely to Behold Pacific Decors Pacific Flame High Viscosity Gel FuelCan is optimized for higher, brighter, longer lasting, dancing yellow flames enhanced by a specifically designed and matched custom can to promote air flow and cooler burning. Versatile Design The 3.2″H x 2.2″D small can is reasonably universal as it fits within the stainless steel cups of all current Pacific Decor, Ltd. Flamepots and most others on the market now or previously with a 2.5 inches diameter opening.

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