3 Tips for Buying a Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pit imageIf you would like to create some new living space outside, adding an outdoor propane fire pit is a great idea. This is a great way to create a lively and entertaining atmosphere for socializing outdoors. This structure is not just a source of warmth but can be utilized for open fire cooking. In addition, you can choose innovative and creative styles to add eye catching d├ęcor to your patio. Shopping for one can be quite daunting. This is because there are so types, styles and features on the market to choose from. The following tips will help you make a choice that will accessorize your backyard and fit your needs.


This is a very important factor to consider. The style should be guided be the kind of outdoor decor you have. Try to find a style that reflects your personality and taste. Some of the most common fire pit styles include:

  1. Table style
  2. Stove or house style
  3. Square style
  4. Rectangular styles
  5. Oval or circular styles


The majority of outdoor fireplaces are made from two basic designs, fire pits and chimineas. In essence, it is just an open fireplace that is raised. It might have a chimney though 360 degree opening is quite common. The low down with 360 degree opening is the inhibition of proper drafting. This leads to smoldering because of inadequate airflow. This leaves behind large amounts of partly burned charcoal. On the other hand a well designed chiminea draws in fresh air directing fumes away from revelers. In addition, the fire will be hotter and enclosed to enhance your safety.


Material is important because you will be socializing around this outdoor propane fire pit. Choose a beautifully designed structure and pattern to complement your backyard or patio. Cast iron and cast aluminum are popular materials because they are very durable. Some other materials available on the market include:

  1. Copper-Looks great before it is used, but changes color to a tarnished green after use. It is advisable to use a rain cover when the fire pit is not in use. Make sure you regularly replace nuts and bolts as well as pop rivets.
  2. Stainless steel-These are either held together with pop rivets or welded. It is advisable not to buy a stainless steel fire pit. This is because the chromium oxide layer on the surface decomposes when the fire pit is cooled from high temperatures. It is a great material for grills but not fire pits.
  3. Cast iron-For these, you would require to carry out regular maintenance in order to keep rust at bay. Ensure you paint the fire pit with high temperature stove paint and avoid constant movement.
  4. Cast aluminum-Consider a cast aluminum fire pit a solid investment that is durable and requires low maintenance. This material will never rust, crack or warp and is very light.

When using an outdoor propane fire pit, safety should be the first priority. Keep a fire extinguisher near and never leave the fire unattended. This will prevent any nasty surprises from smoldering ashes.